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I am enthused to launch my first subscription-based services offering, a community called BonneFire, which is dedicated to fostering healthy individuals and healthy organizations. I invite you to “do the work with Johanne”: to aspire to achieving greater levels of harmony with ourselves and others in all sectors of our lives for greater well-being within our homes, teams, Boards, organizations and communities.

Ultimately how we lead and master our lives, how we govern at home, within our Boards, our organizations and our communities, rests with us.

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Let Johanne be your leadership whisperer. Her gift is and ability to listen to others, to bring herself fully with an open heart, non-judgmental in all that she does. Nature is her friend, and she enjoys inviting others out of their regular settings. Her clients embrace her and her skills in ways that they haven’t experienced before. She has an ability to quickly get to the heart of issues and help clients reach new levels of connection and candor in helping all she works with, be more efficient and effective.

“ What sets her apart is the combination of her right- and left-brain skills. She knows how to listen, catch unspoken cues, instill trust and openness, while also being focused on the substance of the issues, the complexities of the situation and challenges, and the business issues that have to get solved. She is direct and candid while also unusually sensitive.”

– Independent Director, Governance Committee

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About Johanne


“What you are is what you have been. What you will be is what you do now.” – Gautama Buddha


Johanne Bouchard’s career has spanned technology, marketing, worldwide strategy, international market expansion and globalization. For over a decade she has had an unwavering commitment to exemplary governance and leadership, fostering healthier individuals and healthier organizations. Johanne is “The Leadership Whisperer,” encouraging self-mastery and transparent leadership for ourselves and with others. In a very short-time, Johanne helps leaders tap into their potential in ways that they couldn’t have envisioned on their own.

Whether acting as confidante to a CEO or assisting the integration of a board through, and post, a Merger and/or Acquisition, Johanne remains calm and productive, effectively guiding her clients towards progress, resolution and conviviality. Johanne is a firm believer in introspection and has the ability to plan and conduct powerful “pulse checks” regarding the effectiveness of boards and individuals, regardless of their roles and the size of the organization.

“This was a very difficult situation, having to do with both CEO and Board effectiveness, and the need to face and overcome challenges and limitations quickly. The task was daunting and urgent. Johanne did a great job, and most importantly her insight – and sensitivity – permitted decisions to be made that worked for all concerned. In the process she helped the Board face perhaps one of the most difficult issues of Board governance, present in many companies but usually not addressed in a timely manner because of complexity and inconvenience: is the CEO the right person for the challenges ahead? If recognized in time, as was done here, it can be resolved with the best outcome for the company. It seems to me that this type of in-depth assistance is urgently needed, maybe even more so at these challenging times.”
– Chair of an HR and Compensation Committee

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